Jan Eerala · Snaps and cracks - 15/2/2021 - Freezing Kirpakka Forest

This is a compilation from an over night recording in Kirpakka woods with 15 small cracks (in chronological order) and as last a bigger bang from one long recording some days earlier.
I had the microphones out in the woods of Kirpakka two times over night (from sunset to midday) during the coldest days when temp went down to -20C. There was practically no sign of life except some human made noise from a road and a farm nearby. Kirpakka is a small protected area with a piece of older forest. During daytime there were a few Crows and two Ravens, one Great Spotted Woodpecker and in early night the distant call of a Tengman's Owl. One recording of 18 hours earlier in february didn't result in any sound of life except a very weak Crow at 11 am and the big crack in the end of this recording.

There seems to be a great loss of birds like tits and crossbills in Finnish forests today. But the trees were keeping a good amount of cracks and pops, specially in the early night when the temperature change was as fastest.

         Kirpakka 16/2/2021                    

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