This has been a stormy fall, and in Finland has been already 40 days with stormy wind speeds as the average is 27 a year. An intense low pressure passed over, creating wind speeds up to 31,3 m/s in the gusts and 27 m/s as average.

I couldn’t resist recording this storm just in our backyard as it was evident when I opened the front door in the morning that this wind is going to make damage. Recording storms creates mostly undefined white noise that’s not very pleasant to listen. But it seems, that when the wind gets hard enough, there occurs (more or less) strange noise patterns with regular shapes that can make it sound interesting. In situ I could hear cars passing and chainsaws running. I hope there’s a bit of this weird noise left in this recording, at least when listening with headphones.

And yes, when the gusts were as strongest, two trees come down. One pine on the roof of our neighbors sauna building at 6.50 and an other one with the tree trunk breaking at 8.28.

jan eerala /