Deforestation in Finland has accelerated tremendously in recent years. Most old forests have already been cutted, but also logging growing forests for the pulp industry is still increasing. When the logging machine comes, the scene is like from a horror movie. Like the sounding too.

A little piece of old forest that had remain near our home was nearly clear cutted brutally. It took four days to do that, and this recording is from the third day. A Black Woodpecker cried hearth-breakable during the first day and a Raven pair flew over and over again during all the days of logging.

This piece is recorded near my bird feeder. The Raven is heard best between 5-6 and from 11.15. The other birds are mostly tits of the woods. Between 9-10.30 a Willow Tit (most likely) is singing weakly it's fall song. In the playbar picture the logging machine is resting for a moment. Enjoy with headphones, thanks!

jan eerala /