In the twilight dusk a flock of Jackdaws and Crows pulled ahead against gale force wind in Mantyluoto Port while I was recording some historical objects there. I found them flocking up in a really huge harbor storage, with both end-doors open, as there was a railway going through. A closer look revealed it as a stowage place for mining concentrate, mostly poisonous nickel. The birds had found their shelter for the long and dark nights in the upper constructions, though the infernal noise of the gale banging the ceiling plates loudly. The whole place was like a vision from Dante's hell, with it's soundscape, cold and scarse lighting and poisonous atmosphere. Curious birds these, always founding the worst places on earth, still for them better than the world outside. Headphones recommended, as usual.

Kallonlahti Storage 4/12/2016

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