Tahkoluoto 25/2/2016    

Small flocks of Jackdaws have been heading winter time in the evening dusk toward Tahkoluoto Port, often seen already miles ahead. I've thought they would bunk down in the many constructions of the port, but was informed 24/2 that they spend the night in one huge storage of ilmenite mineral; in an identical one where I earlier had found Common Pigeons keeping house. At the time of sunset 25/2, there was about 300 Jackdaws murmuring as a dense flock over the area; flying slowly lowering circles over one hour, and in the end only seen by the lights from the light towers nearby. When they finally decided to enter the storage, the whole flock flew in one bleeding moment through the big open stowage door. Inside I understood why they had chosen this poisonous Hotel Hell; high up in the constructions where they rested, where a lot warmer than outside. There was also some diffuse light from old sodium-vapor lamps, like in the other dystopian storage with the doves. Every hour or so, a truck come in and was loaded with ilmenite. An enormous chaos take place, but the birds didn't leave they night place, they only moved to another part of the hall. I can't imagine one more disgusting place for these birds of heaven.  This is a recording from high up in the roof; the first messengers and the moment of the flock storming in.

Tahkoluoto 25/2/2016

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