In Tahkoluoto Port (by the Western Coast of Finland) is a huge storage building for ilmenite. It's made mostly of corrugated steel, with a rusty and dirty appearance, has no windows, but two big doors, of which one is open. Inside up in the roof is two rows of yellowish natrium lamps, that lighten partly the roof only, hardly reaching the ground. On a cold (-15C) and windy day I took a look inside by the open door, and discovered a flock of Domestic Pigeons, 30 to 40 birds, sitting apathetically on the constructions near the roof. The observation was unexpected, as there was cold, dark and seemingly no possibilities for any kind of living things to get any food anywhere nearby. The sight of these poor birds remained me of a nazi death camp, or some kind of a dreary dystopia. But in any case they have some place to find food, as you will hear(!) and maybe the darkness and cold was not so determinative as it appeared for me. The acoustics of this huge storage bear a likeness of an enormous Helmholtz resonator, where sound from outside is amplified when pressed through a narrow hole, like being in a bottle. Recorded to be listened with headphones.

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