Pihlava 26/12/2015    

Searching for interesting acoustic places, I come upon the old storage building by the Delta of River Kokemaenjoki in Pihlava, Western Finland. It is build in 1951, and is once claimed to be the biggest storage of wooden construction in the world. It is at least 100 meters in lenght, 40 meters in width and 26 meters high with a rised light roof. It's still in occassional use, and I had to ask for permission to go there, but didn't notice any activity. It must be a notable part of the industrial history of town Pori, but to my surprice, very poorly documented. So one thing is sure; I will continue to visit this, in many aspects, remarkable place and buiding. This recording is from the light room high up, on a windy day. Can you hear the atmosphere of the whole construction, breathing in the wind, in all its length? No editing done in post, recorded to be listened with quality headphones.

jan eerala /info