Ketara is a little islet beside Tahkoluoto power plant on the coast of Western Finland. It has been a home for coastal fishers for many generations, but as the power plant was built in 1980's, the people had to go. Nonetheless, one man persisted, and lived there until his death a few years ago. He was a very silent man, called Api, and loved the place over all. Also the birds loved him, although he had tens of cats on the islet. When he was out to sea, a flock of gulls always crowded the gunwhale of his little open fishing boat. When I visited this place 14/5/2015, there was a lot of birds singing, among them a nightingale, though it was the middle of day. As the background, the wind, the somewhat irregular sound from the stony and shallow shore is heard, as also some noise from the power plant, likely operating it's last year.

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