Video of the Solar Eclipse 20/3/2015 | Sound from a rowing trip in the night 17-18/3/2015    

Illustration of a soundscape from the shore of Makholma Finland during the solar eclipse 20/3/2015 (only 80%) seen in the video. Most of the audible sound is wind and a subtle background noise from the sea and some sea birds, mostly Herring Gulls and a few Whooper Swans calling occassionally. Recorded with a pair of spaced omnidirectional microphones.

There is seen less volume beginning from the maximum of the eclipse, and it is because the temperatur fall a few degrees and thus the wind got lighter. The maximum point of the eclipse is in the middle; i.e. at the 1 hour point. No significant change in the calls of the birds, which is reasonable as the light loss was not total. (Wind 10 m/s N, temp +1+4C)

The second channel is distorted vertically for better demonstration of the change. The sound in the video above is from a rowing trip on the same place in early night 17-18/3/2015

The Wall - Tahkoluoto Finland 1/3/2015 | Sound from the stay wires of a mobile mast in gale

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